Procedure to find Nursing Jobs Overseas for Indian Nurse


In India we have almost 14 lakhs registered nurses, in that  nearly 75-80%  is working in India and the remaining working abroad. Indian nurses have  high demand in Europe, UK, Canada, U.S, Australia and Middle eastern countries because of their knowledge, skill and hard working nature.

To become a global nurse, we have to go through various exams and interviews, which is different for each country. There are a lot of career opportunities for nurses in various parts of world, but the prerequisites are different. Here I will try to include few things which gives a tips ahead regarding the process associated with overseas nursing jobs. 

How to  become a registered nurse in Australia

  • Should have a BSc. Nursing Qualification
  • IELTS-  Score 7 for each module
  • Should be working currently, an experiance of 2 yrs for general category and 1 yr for intensive care nurse.
  • Once you get selected , join for bridging program in Australia, which is for 13 weeks. You can even join with out selection if you are on a dependant visa.
  • After successful completion of bridging programme, you can start working as an acute care nurse or non acute care nurse.
  • You will get a PR(Permanent Residency)if you work for 24 months.
  • For information on documents needed to submit to board of nursing, please visit

How to become a registered Nurse in New- Zealand

  • Applications are invited from Both G.N.M and BSc. Nurses.
  • Should be working currently, minimum one year experience is mandatory, two years preferable.
  • IELTS score 7, can club the scores
  • Should participate in adaptation program after getting selected
  • PR after completion of 1.5 yrs.

How to become a registered Nurse in Canada

  • Canada has 10 states, in that 9 states has same rule but it is different for QUEBEC. Currently from india, direct application can be made only through QSW ( Quebec skilled workers Programme)
  • G.N.M and Bsc Nurses with 2 years experience can apply
  • IELTS score 5 is enough, Knowledge in French preferred.
  • Uses point system for selection- Point is calculated on the basis of academic and other qualifications, if you meet the requirement, can apply through QSW, it takes 2 .5 yrs  to migrate with family.
  • After reaching there, you should pass QIIM exam, to work as a registered nurse, till that time you can work as a assistant nurse or care nurse
  • For the other 9 states, the recruitment is  made through EXPRESS ENTRY, if you are NCLEX-RN  candidate you will get a PR in 6 months. CRNE is now changed to NCLEX-RN
  • Candidate should get registration with the particular state.
  • IELTS  individual score 7.
  • For all states you can work only as a assistant nurse or care nurse till you pass NCLEX-RN.

How to become a Registered Nurse in U.K

  • G.N.M and BSc. Nurses with one year experience
  • IELTS individual score 7
  • Vacancies available for NICU, O.T, I.C.U and surgical experience holders
  • From India CBT ( Computer based test) exam should be passed, then interview and in some cases you need to take an exam in U.K
  • Chance to work in nursing home and geriatric care unit is high if you have a diploma in geriatric care
  • If you do an ONP from UK , you can work in hospitals.
  • Can get employment directly by attending the interviews conducted in India.

How to become a Registered Nurses South Africa

  • Should have experience in a minimum 100 bed hospital
  • Both G.N.M and BSc is accepted
  • Experience in multi – specialty or super specialty is required
  • IELTS over all score 6, for speaking and writing 6 and for listening and reading 5.5 

How to become a registered Nurse in UAE

  • You should pass DHA ( Dubai Health Authority) to work in Duabi, HAAD ( Health Authority of Abu Dhabi) for Abu Dhabi and MOH ( Ministry of Health)  for other Emirates.
  • Can give the exam online, and interview by Skype. Can attend interview directly if you are on a visit/or dependent visa
  • Both G.N.M and BSc is accepted, more preference to BSc Nurse, with 2 yrs experience

How to become a registered Nurse in Qatar

  • Recruitment is made through Hamed Medical Co-operation ( HMC), minimum 3 yrs experience is required.
  • Those who have passed POMETRIC exam will get employment in private sector

How to become a registered Nurse in Kuwait

  • BSc Nurses will get employment in government sector and G.N.M will get employment in private sector.
  • Written test and oral viva for selection
  • For private sector,  you should pass the exam conducted by Health Authority, with in 9 months of employment, otherwise you be be terminated
  • 2-3 yrs of experience is required.

How to become a registered Nurse in Saudi & Oman

  • Pass POMETRIC exam
  • Selection is based on Interview and experience