Unification of UAE Healthcare Licences for Nurses


U.A.E unified the license for medical professionals: doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals. Here after they  will not need to sit for exams again or send their papers for primary verification once they have already been certified as practitioners in Dubai or any another emirate. Their licence will be recognized throughout the UAE whether it is DHA/HAAD/ MoH.

Eisa Al Maidour, Director-General of DHA, said that this move works as it seeks to unify medical practice and streamline the professional medical licensing process. “With the introduction of this process, all health-care professionals will be evaluated based on the same criteria across UAE,” he said.”

Dr Layla Al Marzouqi, acting director of Health Regulation Department at DHA, said it is excellent move. “ It’s like having a driving license that is recognized throughout the country,” she said.”

Unification of U.A.E Healthcare Licences for Nurses

The truth is, even after a year the employers in U.A.E are still sticking to the old practice. They are not accepting the license provided by other emirates in their institutions. Like, Dubai demands for a DHA license to practice there, and not an MoH or HAAD. The interesting fact is that the hospitals comes under the DHCC ( Dubai Health Care City) is also not ready to accept DHA, instead they want the candidate to attend the exam conducted by DHCC. Where as in case of Sharja, Ajman and RAK, hospitals are asking for MoH license (except for one or two reputed hospitals, they accept DHA).

MoH is ready to convert your DHA eligibility letter and license to MoH if you have an offer letter from any of the MoH facility ( even private). Here comes the funniest thing, how it is possible to get an offer letter when the employer is not ready to receive your application without an MoH license.

Abu Dhabi needs a HAAD. Some hospitals are ready to accept the candidates with DHA license, but not an eligibility letter. Where as many employers strictly demand for a HAAD license.

Converting the license from one to another is also very difficult as HAAD need at least 6 months experience as a DHA licensed nurse. So you can not convert your DHA eligibility letter to HAAD.

In my opinion, it is always better to sit for all 3 exams if you have enough time and money in your account. Else you can  select a job which may not be of your preference , but allow you to change your license later. If you compare the living expense, it is much higher in Dubai than other emirates, so it is better to get a MoH or HAAD if you want to save more.

Finding nursing job with good salary is not easy in U.A.E because each emirate needs its own license. Though unification came  by law in 2014 October, implementation is not done properly throughout the emirates. Even after unification of medical practitioners license, selection of nursing staff is done on the basis of type of license they are holding.

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